Pabau allows you to add buttons to your email templates that can redirect the customer to your website, online booking form, medical form, link to any special offer etc.

To add a button, navigate to Setup --> Data --> Template archive --> Template Store.

Find the Appointment Confirmation /w Medical Form email template --> click on the star icon (Add to templates) and in the next step select 'Install template' making sure to untick the box asking whether this should be your default email notification.

Go back to the template archive and click on Edit.

You will see a button with the 'Click to complete form' text. Select the button and copy it (CTRL+C).

Navigate to the new or existing button where you want to include the button and paste (CTRL+V).

From here you can edit the text and adjust the link the button is connected to via the insert/edit link option.

You can also add your button design as an image

or html code by pasting the code in tools --> source ccode

and adjust the link via insert/edit link.

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