Adding new clients is a breeze, thanks to the create-client modal.

Our state-of-the art modal allows you to add clients super fast, collect all the information you need about them, accurately, and keep your information safe from Internet connectivity issues. Data validation is ensured too, which makes sure that all the relevant information is captured.

In order to add a client, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Create button and select Client. Alternatively, you can press the Shift and C buttons on your keyboard.

  2. Enter the client's details;

    In the create client modal, you can enter the following information about a client:

    • Basic information like first name, last name, email and phone number;

    • Select a client's preferred language - this defines the language the client will receive a notification into;

    • Specific-to-you information about the client, through the use of custom fields (see the custom fields guide for more information);

    • Labels.

  3. Click on the Create button to save the client.

If saving the client was successful, you will receive a notification, and the modal will be ready for you to add another client.

If saving the client was not successful, your data will be kept intact in the modal, until the issue is resolved.

Then, you can see the client's information by opening the client card of the client. You can learn more about what information are available in a client card, by reading the Overview of Client Record guide.

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