Single record reports

Learn how to create a printable report for one record

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PACKTRACK provides a wide range of reports for printing and analysis but sometimes you just need a report for a single record.

Start by finding the record that you'd like to print. Next, click the context menu option at the far right of the record row (the button with 3 dots) and then select the View Report option. This works for all 3 record types: exercises, classes and deployments.

Clicking the View Report option will open a preview of your report. Scroll up and down to see all of the pages or use the arrow buttons at the top to advance one page at a time. There are additional buttons available to print the report or save it in several formats such as Word Document or PDF.

The same functionality is available in the app on your phone. While the reports can be hard to see on a smaller phone screen, the app supports printing directly from your phone to the nearest printer.

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