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With PACKTRACK you can create several different types of reports. These reports are roughly divided into 2 categories: Full Record and Summary.

A full record report includes all of the details of the exercise, deployment or class record. A full record report might include all of your records, just a few or even just one. However, every record is shown in its entirety.

Available full record reports:

  • Comprehensive report: Exercise, Deployment, Class

Summary reports, on the other hand, combine information from multiple records into a simplified list, table or statistical summary. A summary report can combine any number of records (but usually more than one).

Available summary reports:

  • Statistical summary: Training Summary, Deployment Summary

  • Record List: Exercise Log, Deployment Log

  • Odor List: Exercise Odor List

NOTE: This article covers handler reports only. Supervisor reports include additional reporting information which is broken out by handler.

Full record reports

This report type includes all of the details of the included exercise, deployment or class records. The example below shows a full record report for one exercise.

Training & deployment summary reports

These reports provide a statistical summary of the data across all included records. Samples for a dual purpose dog are shown below for both report types.

Training Summary

Deployment Summary

Exercise & deployment log reports

The "Log" report is a summary list of all of the selected records. It also includes simple statistics for deployments and record completion status for exercises. Each record is summarized in a single row. A sample of the first page of each report type is shown below.

Exercise log

Deployment log

Exercise odor list reports

The odor list report summarizes the odors used in detection exercises. Each odor is summarized in a single row. This report type isn't available for deployments. A sample of the first page of the report is shown below.

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