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Standard reports with multiple records
Standard reports with multiple records

Combine multiple records into a single report

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Sometimes you need to combine a bunch of records into a single report. Standard reports make this easy. You choose a report type and a date range and all of the relevant records are combined to create your report.

Custom reports are slightly different. They allow you to specify exactly which records you want included in a report. Learn more about custom reports.

When should I use the standard report mode?

The standard report mode is the simplest and most common type of report. It's the best option when you want to report on a particular handler or dog over a date range. If you want to run a report for a date range but only include, say, obedience exercises, then that's when you would use a custom report. If you're unsure, start with a standard report.

How do I create a simple report containing multiple records?

The easiest way to create a report which includes multiple records is to just click the Create Report button on the Records page.

This will open the reporting dialog where you can configure exactly what you would like to see in your report. First, set the reporting mode to standard records if it's not already set. Now all you need to do is decide on a report type and select the date range. In the screenshot below we've chosen to create a Deployment Summary report for K9 Hunter for Last Year.

Finally, click the View button to generate the report. When your report is ready you can scroll or step through the pages, adjust the zoom level, print or save the report.

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