PactSafe sends emails on your behalf to internal users and/or Signers, depending on the situation. We send several kinds of emails for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • requesting a signature (this is the most common kind of email we send, of course)

  • letting the user who sent the signature Request know when the Contract changes statuses, like when the Signer completes it

  • confirming to the Signer that they signed a Contract or accepted a clickwrap agreement

The emails we send look kind of like this:

Many of our users want to use the emails from PactSafe, especially the ones that go to Signers, as a touchpoint to reinforce the brand. So, we provide templates you can customize with your own logo, color scheme, and whatever else helps your corporate personality shine through. We offer templates for these kinds of emails:

  • Clickwrap Acceptance Confirmation: A notice we send to Signers after they accept a clickwrap Group.

  • Send Hosted Form: An email one of your users sends to one or more Signers to accept a hosted form Group. Learn more about Hosted Forms.

  • Send Signature Request: An email one of your users initiates to one or more Signers to request a signature. This template also controls the look of the  "Reminder" message that user can send from the PactSafe Request detail screen.

  • Signature Request Complete: A notification to the sender and all Signers and Recipients to let them know that a Request has been signed by all parties.

  • Signature Request Expired: A notification to the sender and all Signers and Recipients that a Request has expired.

  • Signer Activity Notification: A notification to the sender to say someone new has signed the Contract and show what percentage of Signers have completed it.

If you're comfortable with HTML and are an Admin of a Professional of Enterprise Edition account, you can update these templates in your account Settings. See Customizing Email Templates to find out more.

Don't see the Emails option in your Settings? Get in touch by starting a chat or emailing us at and we can talk about getting it enabled.

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