Customizing the emails that PactSafe sends on your behalf helps your brand shine through in every touch point with your customers. You can tailor your email design to match your brand, update the text to use your corporate voice, and just generally take control of how your customers experience your brand.

Our customers have shared some reasons why they have wanted to customize emails:

  • We don't use the word "contract," so we want to change the text in the email to say "agreement" instead.

  • When a signature is complete, I want to add a personal touch thanking customers for their business.

  • My company has branding guidelines for every email that customers see, including the emails sent from PactSafe.

Whether for these reasons or any other, you have the power to customize your emails. Check out this document for step-by-step instructions.

Customizing emails is only available in our Professional and Enterprise Editions. Don't know what edition you have? Get in touch!

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