Tokens and Fields are tools PactSafe provides to let you customize a Contract for a Signer without having to make a separate copy of the Contract.  


Tokens leave spaces in your Contract for you to fill in just-in-time for a Signer to sign it. 

  • If you send a personalized Contract as part of a Signature Request, you can choose the value of the Token as part of the sending process. 

  • If you include the standardized Contract in a clickwrap agreement, you can use the JavaScript library to populate the Tokens. See the How to use Dynamic Contracts with the JavaScript Library document in the Developer Documentation. 

You can set up a default value for a Token. The default value appears in the space if the Sender doesn't populate a value or if the JavaScript library can't find a value.  


Fields also leave spaces in the Contract. The differences are 

  • You probably won't use Fields in standardized clickwrap agreements because fields aren't available to be populated by the JavaScript library like Tokens are.

  • When you send a personalized Contract as part of a Signature Request, either the person sending the request can populate them (in which case they're called contract fields), or the Signers themselves can do it (in which case they're called signer fields). Here's an example of what a signer field looks like to your Signer.

You can set a default value or set up a pick list to restrict the values the Sender or Signer can choose in a Field. 

Let's look at an example

OK, so no one would ever actually send this Contract for as part of a Signature Request, but it does at least show examples of the Tokens and Fields that we're talking about.

This is what it looks like when you create a Signature Request and choose a Contract with Tokens and Fields. You can see that the first, second, and third lines in the Contract contain Tokens. On the right, the Token tab is open:

  • The company_address Token from the first line is waiting for the Sender to put in a value.

  • The client_name Token from the second line is also waiting for the Sender to put something in there, but there's a default value just in case the Sender doesn't do it.

  • The terms field from the third line has a drop-down list where the Sender can choose one of the pre-approved values.   

The last two lines in the Contract contain Fields, and on the right, the Fields tab is open:

  • The sender_name Field is for the Sender to fill out, so there's a padlock icon next to it in the Fields tab on the right. You click the field name to populate the value you want. 

  • The signer_title Field is for the Signer to fill out, so it has a person icon next to it. You click the field name to choose the Signer to assign it to. 

If you're having trouble with any of it, we're here to help! Just open a chat or email us at

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