When there is a contract or agreement with numerous fields, assigning each field individually to your intended signer can eat away at your day. The Signer Roles feature in PactSafe was designed to simplify these types of agreements, allowing you to tag fields with a "Role", and then assign that "Role" to a Contact.

This assigns each field to the Contact filling that "Role", meaning you can press send knowing they will be automatically directed to fill out their relevant fields.

Creating Signer Roles

Signer Roles are created as you place field's within your contract. When you place the field, you will see an option to create a Signer Role:

When creating a Signer Role, remember to keep the label general. There is no need to create a Signer Role that is a signer's actual name or anything highly personalized to any specific person you intend to send this particular contract to.

Instead, Signer Roles should be more broad; referencing a title or a Party that your signer would be representing in this agreement. For example: in the NDA above, I would create a Signer Role for "Disclosing Party Representative" and "Receiving Party Representative."

You can create multiple Signer Roles within an agreement, allowing you to give every signer/Contact a Role.

When you prepare to send a contract, you will then be able to add your Contact/signers to their respective roles. This will automatically assign them to each field grouped under that Signer Role.

If you already have this contact in PactSafe, you can enter their name in the Signer Role box directly and it will appear for you to select. If you do not have this contact in PactSafe, you will be prompted to create the contact.

PactSafe will also save Signer Roles you have created previously, meaning you can select them again when creating Signer Roles in new contracts.

You can see what the process looks like from the sender's point of view in the How do I assign Fields to a Signer? document.

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