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If you're reading this, you're probably wondering about the story behind PactSafe revamping our Contract editor. To be blunt, it's very simple: we want to increase reliability. There were a variety of motivations of course, but the driving-force behind creating the new editor was to increase the reliability of the features you use to create and maintain Contracts. 

We've heard your pains, cries, and fits of rage about using the Classic Editor, which were completely justified. Here are some of the most common complaints we've collected on using the Classic Editor: 

  • There is no reliable way to undo edits to a Contract or redo them, if you do manage to undo them 

  • Tokens are confusing to use for non-technical folk

  • Copying and pasting into a Contract is finicky and causes headaches

  • Lots of instances of strange and unexpected formatting behavior 

Not only is the new editor easier to use, but all of these pains have been addressed during the build! 

We are excited to make this new editor experience available in beta release. You can turn it on and see it for yourself by using the instructions on this page. We have high hopes that the new editor will provide a smooth, reliable experience. 

Here are just a few highlights of what is coming with the new editor to get you excited: 

  • Simple-to-use but powerful editing tools 

  • Reliable usability of all features 

  • Easy-to-use, revamped Token experience 

  • Tables that are simple and easy to use 

  • Lots more (reliable) editing tools to customize your Contract! 

The new editor is just one piece of a larger effort the PactSafe Team has been working towards. We will be releasing lots of updates to the entire PactSafe App experience over the course of this year to enhance and simplify the user experience inside of PactSafe. 

Have questions? Want to chat? Send us a message or leave some feedback. Our ears are always open! 

Happy Editing! 

Team PactSafe 

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