Many businesses run multiple websites, mobile apps, geographies, departments, or business units around the world and want to separate what users have access to the user interface. To keep the walls separate between all of these things, PactSafe has the ability to manage multiple Sites within your account. Sites also keep all your legal agreements nice and clean. Note: The ability to add multiple Sites inside of PactSafe is a premium feature for our Established and/or Enterprise customers.

Let's explore this for a minute and how it might be applicable to you and your business.

Example 1: A Website and a Mobile App

Let's say you have a website and a mobile app. How would you set up PactSafe? Well, the good news is that you'd only need one Site! Here's why:

  • You will likely have the same Privacy Policy across the web and mobile. If not, it's not hard to add an Agreement for both mobile and your website.

  • You just need to create an agreement Group for Mobile registration and for Web registration (if users can sign up for your service online).

Here's how that would look in your PactSafe Site (no additional Sites needed!):

Example 2: Multiple Websites

If you have multiple websites, updating your content across them all probably sucks. But not to worry, we will make you a hero to your team! Within your account (with our Established and Enterprise editions), you can add multiple websites with the click of a button. And once your websites are set up, you can invite whomever you want to control the agreements and Groups for that Site.

Note: If you use the same legal agreements across all of these websites then you don't need to create multiple Sites. You can simply embed the same Group(s) on every website.

To give you an idea of the structure of how all these things are connected, here's a simple diagram showing how this would be setup.

Obviously it can get much more sophisticated than that — with dozens of websites, clickwraps, browsewraps, and more you can create a masterful architecture that will save you days of time in managing & updating legal content within your business. Not to mention the fact that all of the records will be immediately available and tracked once your customers start accepting all of your unified legal terms.

So what does this look like in the PactSafe application? We've mirrored the above diagram in a quick video to show you how this is all connected in the software. Take a look:

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