NOTE: This document relates to customizing email Templates inside of PactSafe, which is available only for Admins of Professional of Enterprise Edition accounts.

If you've checked out your email Templates screen in your account Settings, you probably noticed a bunch of variable things enclosed in ###{{{triple curly braces}}}. These are tokens. Unlike the Tokens you use in Contracts, these tokens are a feature of Mandrill, the tool we use to send email. Mandrill populates these variable using a template language called Handlebars. You can see an example of what we're talking about below. To see what helpers are available to customize the email template, check out Mandrill's documentation here.

Many of these variables are self-explanatory, but some may be a bit confusing. To help you out, we've outlined each email template in a document so you know what fields you'll want to make sure you have (and what you may just hard code yourself).

What is required to keep in my template?

Good question—the pages linked above explain what you should and shouldn't keep. We generally suggest maintaining the body of the email roughly the same (except for anything that starts with "###{{{brand" if you're adding your own colors). If you have questions or issues, of course just open up a chat and let us know!

What does "###{{{brand}}}" mean?

The brand of your account is a group of settings that control how things look. The brand is something that we at PactSafe set up for you. If you are the admin of a Professional or Enterprise edition account, you just contact us and send us the following information:

  • Your logo (width: 120 pixels) over a white or transparent background.

  • Your primary brand color. In the emails, this will be the color of the button. If you don't choose a brand color, the button will be blue.

  • Your secondary brand color. You should choose a lighter color for the secondary one because in the emails it will appear as a background color.

Here's an application of an email where we set up the account's brand but did not customize the email template. You can see that you can put together a very spiffy email without wrestling with the HTML, CSS, and tokens of the email templates at all.

Want more detail? Just fire up a chat window or email us at

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