This document describes the structure of an email Template and the tokens that appear in it. If that sentence didn't make any sense to you, take a step back and read What are all these #{{{things}}} in my Email Templates? The functionality we're talking about in this document is available only to Admins of Professional and Enterprise edition accounts.

The Send Hosted Form email goes to Signers who have not accepted a set of Contracts in a Hosted Form. You can choose to exclude folks who have already accepted the Contract(s). Note: This email should be used with extreme caution. This email, when sent from a Hosted Form, will be sent to all of your Signers. You can enable this by enabling "Confirmation Email" in your Group settings.

Here's an example of a branded Send Hosted Form email that is sent through the UI or using an event in our JavaScript library and API:

Variables used in the Clickwrap Acceptance Notification Template:

The following variables are used in the Template (required and optional are denoted):

  • #{{{brand.logo_url}}} and #{{#if brand.primary_color}} — if we have set up your account to have a customized brand with logo, a primary & secondary color, your brand logo and primary color will be populated here. Otherwise, this will not render. Optional, as you'll likely use your own logo and colors.

  • #{{{document_title}}} — this will include the name(s) of the Contract(s) that need to be accepted by the Signer. If multiple Contracts are accepted via clickwrap or Hosted Form, this will be a comma separated list. Recommended to keep in the HTML.

  • #{{{change_description}}} — If there is a description provided by the PactSafe user sending the email, it will be inserted into the message. Recommended to keep.

  • #{{{published_url}}}&e=#{{{EMAIL}}} — This is the URL sent to the Signer that will prepopulate the Hosted Form with their email address. Required in order to provide the link to your Signer.

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