A "clickwrap agreement" is a button or checkbox on a website or in an app that a website visitor has to click to agree to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, or other contract before using the website. The name is a play on the old "shrinkwrap agreements" that came inside the CD-ROMs of the '90s.

Similarly, a "browsewrap" agreement or "sign-in wrap" agreement is a message telling website users that, by continuing to use the site or signing in to the app, they are agreeing to the terms.  

When implemented properly, as we do in PactSafe, a clickwrap that uses a button labeled "I AGREE" or something similar is just as sufficient to indicate acceptance as an ink-and-pen signature. Same for browsewrap and sign-in wrap agreements. 

Clickwrap contracts allow acceptance to be captured in a matter of a single click. Learn more about clickwraps in this blog post. Also read these docs about setting up your clickwrap, browsewrap, and sign-in wrap agreements and what makes them all legally binding.

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