Once you've saved or published your Contract, you can update its properties. The properties give you to the power to:

  • Change the Contract's Key, which is the unique identifier that your API code uses to retrieve a particular Contract.

  • Make the Contract Public to add it to your Legal Center and make it available to add to Groups.

  • Share the Contract with other Sites in your account.

  • Classify the Contract. The Classification helps people filter the Contracts to find the right one.

  • Tag the Contract. The Tags help people search for this Contract.

To get to the Contract properties:

  1. Choose Contracts icon from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  2. Find the Contract you want and click the name of the Contract at the top of the card. Tip: Don't click the Edit Draft, new Version or menu (...) button at the bottom of the card. Clicking the name of the Contract is the only way to get to its properties. 

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