Haven't heard about Tokens? They are helpful when a Contract has parts to customize to the Signer each time you send the Contract for signature. Tokens allow you to easily customize parts of the request without having to edit the Contract or upload a new Contract each time.

For example, date, company name, client name, title, and pricing are values in Contracts that many of our clients use tokens for.

Tip: Before we get started, you should know that tokens are currently available only when using Word documents or HTML Contracts. We'll update you when tokens in PDFs become available.

Adding the token to the Contract

Let's get started!

Once you've opened up your Contract, click the + to add a field. Select the token field {}. You are now able to add tokens by name. Type in a label for what the token will represent, and click Create. (The label doesn't appear on the Contract, by the way. You'll see it later when you're sending the Contract out for signature.) See below!

Now that you've added your tokens, publish your Contract.

Sending a Signature Request for the Contract

Next you will begin the process of sending a Contract for signature. Choose the token tab in the menu area on the right side of the screen. Populate the value for each of the tokens in the Contract.

Always hit Save after you enter token values!

Now add Signers, assign fields, and send the Signature Request! 

Still have questions? Just pop open a chat session or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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