Having trouble? We've got your back! This page addresses problems that people commonly run in to:

  • Copy-and-paste from a Word (or Pages) Doc isn't working

  • Formatting for Contract headlines isn't working

  • Uploading a new PDF as a version of a Contract isn't working

  • Is there a way to share published Contracts across sites?

  • Is there a way to organize Contracts into folders?

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Copy-and-paste from a Word (or Pages) doc isn't working

If you’re having trouble copying and pasting a Contract from a word document or pages, here are a few things to consider:

Option 1: There might be some slight differences in formatting when trying to copy from Word and pasting text into our editor. Because of how web pages are built, formatting doesn’t always carry over. A little reformatting does the trick. 

Option 2: Before copying from Word to paste into PactSafe, clear all formatting on your text. You can also clear all formatting in PactSafe by using the Tx button in the PactSafe editor! This allows the text to paste in its original format and then proceed with the desired formatting using the PactSafe editor.

Option 3: Indentation won't carry over—this isn't something typically done on web forms. We recommend you reformat the Contract so it doesn't use indents. This can be reformatted within our editor as well.

Option 4: If you’re carrying lists over from a Word document, you may have to reselect lists and reapply the style. 

Option 5: If you’ve copied and pasted from a Word document and nothing is showing up on your new Contract, refresh the page and then try copying and pasting again. Web pages can time out after a few minutes and just need to be refreshed.

Formatting for Contract headlines isn't working

When pasting in or editing documents in the editor, sometimes you'll find that you'll set text to a headline and the size of the headline won't change. Argh! What's happening?

What's most likely happening is that the Word document formatting is carrying over the size of your headline and hard coding it onto the page. To reset the size of the text, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the text on the headline you want to reset.

  2. On the hover over formatting tool, just click the font size and set it to "Auto" (or your desired font size).

  3. VOILA! Size is reset!

Uploading a new PDF as a version of a Contract isn't working

Usually when we hear this one, it's because version 1.0 of the Contract was created as an HTML Contract, either by typing or pasting in HTML or by uploading or pasting in a Word document. PactSafe treats Word docs as HTML once they're in PactSafe.

If the original version of the Contract was HTML, then any new versions will have to be HTML as well.

Not sure what type of Contract you have? Check the TYPE section of your Contracts.

Is there a way to share published Contracts across sites?

Shared Contracts allow you to easily organize and segregate your Contracts within your organization. You can find the control to share Contracts in the Contract Properties

Is there a way to organize Contracts into folders?

PactSafe doesn't have the concept of folders per se, but we do have the concept of "tags" on a Contract that you can use to filter the Contracts. 

In the Contract properties, you can add any tags you want to your Contracts. Later, when you're viewing the list of Contracts, you can filter them based on the tag values. This effectively creates virtual "folders" for the Contracts. 

Tip: For Contracts that you share between accounts, you can only add tags from the account where Contract is being shared from.

Then, by refreshing the page on the Contracts dashboard, you can click the "Abacus" to filter by Tag:

Then "Apply" and it will return you the Contracts you're looking for. 

Note: You can also use these filters to find what you're looking for when Sending a Contract.

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