The manner in which your contract is delivered or hosted is largely determined by the type of contract you are sending.  

PactSafe powers two primary forms of contracts: Standardized and Personalized

Standardized Contracts are "a standard set of terms that can be viewed and accepted by anyone you choose."

Standardized Contracts can be hosted and delivered by PactSafe, or they can be embedded directly into your app or website. When a contract is embedded, it will be delivered as a clickwrap agreement within the website or app.  When the contract is hosted and delivered by PactSafe, you can deliver the contract via a dedicated URL that renders as a mobile or desktop friendly screen.  

Let's look at the options you have when preparing a Personalized Contract. 

Personalized Contracts are "contracts that can be prepared specifically for and signed by a specific signer." There will be multiple fields that can be assigned to your signer, prompting them to fill out the information required.

You can track the individual progression of these agreements, seeing when they are opened, reviewed, and completed by your signers.

These contracts will not be available in the initial launch of the New PactSafe. They are scheduled for a later phase of our new product rollout.

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