The Manage Publication screen is where you control the settings of your publication and the content of your issues.

You can get to the manage screen in two ways:

  • From the homepage select Manage for an issue.
  • From the homepage navigate to Publications > Search > select Manage for your issue.
  1. Publications details
    The name and URL for the publication. The name can be altered under the Details tab. The Analytics button will take you directly to the analytics dashboard for the publication.
    The red Delete Publication button is available to the lead administrator of the account and will display if there are no published issues in the publication.
  2. Publication Settings tabs
    Control the appearance settings and the configuration of additional features, such as menus and security rules using the tabbed section. Read more about publication settings.
  3. Current issues
    Your current issues will be displayed in a scrolling list. Select Open Design or Interactivity to work on your issue.
  4. Create Issue
    Use this option to create a new issue within the publication you are viewing.
  5. Issue details
    Information about your issue will be displayed here, including the issue link and the ability to create temporary link.
  6. Manage Issue drop-down list
    Each issue has its own selection of options (see below)

Manage Issue

  • Publish
    Make your issue live and available to your readers. This option will change to Unpublish once your issue is published.
  • Issue Settings
    Available if your issue is unpublished. Configure issue settings - for example, name and folder name for the issue.
  • Template Settings
    Set your issue as a template and control the settings.
  • TigerKit Settings
    Set your issue as a TigerKit and control the settings.
  • Duplicate
    Create a copy of your issue.
  • Distribute
    Tools to aid the sharing of your issue with your readership.
  • Analytics
    Navigate to the analytics page for your issue.
  • Delete
    If unpublished, an issue can be deleted by its author.

If you created your issue using a file upload (PDF or PowerPoint) you will have the following options:

  • Replace File
    Enabled if your issue is unpublished. Allows you to replace the file previously uploaded.
  • Import Design
    Import your file into Designer. Please note: in doing this, you will no longer be able to upload a file to replace the one previously uploaded.
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