To configure an API, first navigate to My Account > API.

PageTiger features integration with two leading email marketing services:

  • MailChimp

  • dotMailer

Each of these APIs allows you to export emails you create using PageTiger’s distribution tools directly to these services for further editing and distribution.

If you cannot see this menu item, it needs to be activated by your Account Owner. They must navigate to My Account > Details and select Show API Tab under Special Features.


The MailChimp API requires an API key that must be generated within your MailChimp account. To obtain an API key you must:

  • Log in to MailChimp (as the account owner)

  • Click Account

  • Navigate to Extras > API Keys in the menu

  • Click Create a Key

  • A new API key is automatically generated for you (do not edit this key)

  • Ensure the Status box is ticked

  • Copy and paste the API key into the field provided in PageTiger


The dotMailer API requires an API user to be created within your account. The user and password can then be added to PageTiger to enable the API. To obtain an API username and password you must:

  • Login to dotMailer (as the account owner)

  • Click My Account

  • Click Manage Users

  • Click the API tab

  • Click Add Account

  • The username (email address) is automatically generated for you (do not edit this username)

  • Enter a password

  • Ensure the Enabled box is ticked

  • Click Save

  • Enter the username and password credentials into the field provided in PageTiger

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