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An introduction to Analytics
An introduction to Analytics
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Analytics, sometimes known as Reporting or Tracking, is PageTiger’s built-in analytics interface. It collects and presents real-time data on how your readers are interacting with your documents.

Analytics can be accessed by all administrators. Analyst subscriptions are available for users that only need to see reporting data and do not need to carry out any other publishing tasks.


PageTiger captures every reader’s unique visit to all of your versions. PageTiger will track which pages they have viewed and how many times they have viewed them. You can also create and monitor expected visitor lists. This type of list contains email addresses of people you expect to view a document.


Clicks on interactive features are tracked. This allows you to see that users have engaged with a call to action, read the whole story or completed a specific task or test.


PageTiger can capture a reader’s email address and associate it with their visits. This allows you to track how an individual has interacted with your document. You could also identify readers by employee number, name or other personal details.


Generate time and date sensitive reports using filtering tools. You can also filter your reports by a specific identity.

Exporting data

The analytics interface is highly intuitive, however, it's possible to export the data to work with offline. All analytics can be downloaded as a .xlsx or .csv file.

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