TigerDesigner: Layout Library
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This option is available when creating a document using TigerDesigner.

To use the Layout Library:

  • Select Create Document 

  • Select TigerDesigner

  • Select the Layout Library tab

There are two types of options available when creating a new version using the Layout Library.

Blank Book/Presentation Library
Choose from the Book (portrait) or Presentation (landscape) layout library where there are hundreds of page layouts to choose from to create your version. Find out more about document builder here.

Public templates or templates created by you will display here. Public templates are ready for you to add content to and contain pre-set interactivity that can be updated where needed. Your templates are designs created by you that have been set to be a template. Select the Use button to create a new version using a template. Find out more about the document builder here.

When using either of the above options you should expect to spend the majority of your time adding content, such as words and pictures, to the panels in your design. The majority of panels feature optional classes, which are available when clicking a panel. Examples include changing the colour of a panel, changing the positioning of an item on the page or hiding elements.


Selecting this panel provides a number of different classes that can be chosen to change the colour. You can chose your preference by ticking the option.

The appearance is controlled by a theme and style. The theme can be chosen at any time, allowing you to update your version with ease, and you create your own Style or choose from a range of pre-configured ones.

Top Tip!
You can select a theme when you create your version, but this can be easily changed in TigerDesigner. Select Document Tools (second icon on the left-hand toolbar) followed by Select Template Theme.

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