Menu item types
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Menu items are buttons that can perform tasks.

There are 6 different menu types available:

  • Submenu

  • Document link (including page number)

  • Version Link (including page number)

  • Web Link URL

  • Jump to a page

  • Search

  • Activate Interactivity


Further menu items can be placed in a submenu, which can help you sort or categorise your menu. Only one further submenu can be placed within a top-level submenu.

Submenus reveal their content when the reader hovers their mouse over it or taps it on their touchscreen device. If there is no content within the submenu, it will not display.

Submenu items themselves cannot perform any other task, they can only reveal more menu items.

Document Link

When selected this menu type will open another document within your account. If no versions are published within the document, the menu item will not display. You can also specify whether the document should be opened in a new tab or the current tab.

If your documents are a part of a suite of related documents, you will need to apply the menu to all of these related documents in their document settings.

Version Link

When selected this menu type will open another version within your account. You can specify whether the version should be opened in a new tab or the current tab.

If your version is unpublished you can tick to use a temporary link.

Web Link URL

When selected this menu type will open a web link, either in the current browser tab or a new tab. The link must include http:// or https://. The weblink can be to any website.

You can use the Web Link URL item type to navigate to a specific version or a document. There is no item type for version.

Jump To Page

Specify a page number that the menu type should navigate to. Note that this page number will be the same for every document that uses the menu, so it’s important to consider whether the menu item will behave as expected across documents.

You can also select the riffle to page option. This will navigate the user page-by-page as opposed to turning directly to the specified page.

Top tip!
Include a link to the search box in your menu using the Javascript Command menu item type. Simple enter javascript:ptiTools(null)

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