The option below is available once you have selected Create Document from the main menu or Manage Document page.

A PDF  or PowerPoint file that has been created outside of PageTiger can be uploaded if you do not wish to use TigerDesigner to create the pages of your document. Hyperlinks will be pulled through to your PageTiger document (please note: this will only happen on the first upload. If the file is replaced hyperlinks will not update).


  • Select Create Document

  • Select Upload A File

  • Drag and drop or click to select your file

Once you have uploaded a PDF/Powerpoint file, a PageTiger document will be created and you can add Interactivity as required.

Important: The PDF/Powerpoint design cannot be edited within PageTiger, as it was not originally created there. If you wish to change the design, the file will need to be updated outside of PageTiger and re-uploaded/replaced.

Import Design

If you wish to add design elements using TigerDesigner, select Import Design from the manage screen for your version. Important: once this has been done the file can no longer be replaced with a new version.

Replace File

If you wish to change your document design, the file will need to be updated outside of PageTiger and replaced. Please note: hyperlinks will be pulled through to your PageTiger document on the initial file upload only. If the file is replaced hyperlinks will not update.

For optimum performance, ensure that your file:

  • Is no larger than 200MB

  • Has an appropriate page size for screen, recommended dimensions are 550pt wide by 630pt high

  • Using the same page spread throughout (i.e single pages only). Different page spreads will cause the pages to stretch and distort.

  • Is a reasonably small file size and an appropriate resolution for the screen. PDF files intended for print are often too large or use a font too small and are not suitable for the web.

  • Has an even number of pages. Files with an odd number of pages can give unexpected results.

Crops and Bleed Marks

If you have problems with crop and bleed marks showing on your uploaded PDF follow these simple steps below on how to export your file without them:


  • With your document open in InDesign, select File > Export.

  • Pick a location to export your file to and select Save.

  • On the following screen select Marks and Bleeds from the left-hand panel.

  • Here make sure all the boxes are unchecked – this will remove the guides which normally export when creating a document for print.

  • Finally hit Export then upload your file to PageTiger as normal.


Alternatively, If you have a PDF that already has crop and bleed marks on and have access to Acrobat you can remove these by following these steps:

  • With your PDF open in Acrobat, click on the Edit PDF button in the toolbar. If you can’t see this option click View > Tools > Edit PDF > Open.

  • The toolbar should now show more options, select Crop Pages.

  • Drag a rectangle on the page you want to crop. If necessary, drag the corner handles of the cropping rectangle until the page is the size you want.

  • Double-click inside the cropping rectangle.

  • You should now see a preview of the page showing a box of your new cropped area.

  • To apply these settings to additional pages, set the page range or click All under Page Range.

  • Click OK to crop the page or pages and save your new cropped PDF, you are then free to upload to PageTiger.

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