TigerDesigner: Fully Editable
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This option is available when creating a document using TigerDesigner.

To use a Fully Editable design:

  • Select Create Document

  • Select TigerDesigner

  • Select the Fully Editable tab

  • Select Blank Design or Use for a template

Templates you have created will be listed first, followed by Public templates that are available to everyone.

The key differences between editable templates and the Layout Library are:

  • Access to design mode and all settings for panels

  • Panel appearance is controlled by panel settings, not a Theme.

Editable templates are more customisable than designs created using the Layout Library, as you have access to the Design tab. This allows you to control the precise positioning and appearance of panels by having access to all settings.

Although editable templates offer more flexibility for customising the design, you should expect the creative process to take more time. This is because the appearance, layout, and quality of the design are your responsibility, as these are not controlled by a branding.

It is possible to choose a colour palette based on your branding, making all the colours available in the colour pickers for a panel.

Document Builder

User the Document Builder in your Fully Editable design to add, remove and edit pages! Find out more here

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