When you create a new version you will be prompted to select where you would like it to be saved (or where it will 'live').

Two options are available:

Ideal if you are short on time and need to create your version quickly. A new document for your version and a unique document and version URL will be created for you.

Full Control
Select an existing document or create a new one and enter the version name and folder name. What you enter will determine the URL created for your document and version.

Find out more about each option below:


Simply select a folder and enter a unique document name, and the system will do the rest. 

Every time you use Express it will create a new document using the name you entered and add your version to it.

A unique URL will be automatically created for your new document and its version. 

If you're not keen on the document URL created for you, it can be changed by selecting the Details tab of your document.

Full Control

If you would prefer to add your own document and version details, full control is available to use.

  • Folder
    Folders are categories to help organise your documents. Select an existing folder from the drop-down list or create a new one by selecting the Add button.

  • Document
    A document is where your version will sit (or 'live'). For example, you may have a Staff Bulletin document. Select an existing document from the drop-down list or create a new document by selecting the Add button.

  • Version
    This is the title of the version. For example, January.

  • URL
    This should replicate the Name of your version but use only letters, numbers, and hyphens, and spaces are not permitted. For example, January.

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