The interactivity editor is where you can add interactive content to your version.

To begin select Manage for your version followed by the Interactivity button.

Top tip!
The interactivity editor opens within the design of your version, enabling you to add interactivity to your version at the same time as the content. After selecting the Interactivity button, your version will open and a tab called Interactivity will be selected by default ready for you to add your interactive content.

How to add an interactive module

  • Select a module category from the Add Interactive Module palette, followed by the module type you would like to add, for example - 'Play YouTube Video in pop-up'.

  • You can then click and drag the clickable area into position on your page. This is the area that will become interactive.

  • Once this has been done, the module will open ready for you to configure.

Tips for resizing a clickable area

  • When you adjust the size of a clickable area it will snap to the grid and panel lines on your page, making it easier to align to your design.

  • Holding down ALT as you resize will snap to panels only.

  • Holding down CTRL as you resize will turn both grid and panels line off.

Module categories and types

Did you know?
If you are using double-page spreads in your design, interactivity can be added to the left or right page, but not centrally across both pages. This is to support single page view. We hope to introduce central interactivity in a future release of PageTiger.

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