Certified learning - step three
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The third step to setting up certified learning is to assign the certificate to an assessment module.

  • Navigate to the Manage screen of your version and select Interactivity .

  • Edit your assessment module and select the Results tab.

  • You should have at least two results set up - one for a 'fail' score and one for a 'pass' score.

Award Badge

Select the Badge from the Award Badge drop-down list.

Produce Certificate Content
Add some text here if the reader has a placeholder(s) to complete.

For example "Please complete the following fields to generate your certificate".

Result Content

Add some text here with a message that the reader will see once they have completed the assessment.

For example - "Congratulations! You have passed the Health & Safety training module".

Top tip!
More information about assessment modules and results can be found here.

The document containing the assessment module must use a reader login or single sign-on security rule. This is to ensure the platform can populate the reader information and store their certificate.

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