What is certified learning?
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Certified learning allows you to add an assessment module (for example a multiple-choice questionnaire) that automatically generates a personalised certificate.

You have full control of how the certificate will look and can add placeholders, that will populate with reader information, such as full name and issue date.

Readers can be set up to receive an email copy of their certificate, as well as download it from their account. As an administrator, you have full access to see which document a certificate has been applied to and who has been awarded it.

Getting started - an overview

There are three main steps to setting up certified learning:

Below is an example of what a certificate can look like. This certificate has been set up to populate with 'full name' and 'issue 'date'.


If the analytics of your document are set to 'Anonymise' a certificate will not generate. You also need to ensure a Reader Login or Single Sign-on security rule is applied to the document containing the assessment to enable the certificate to generate. This is to ensure the platform can populate the reader information and store their certificate.

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