Editing or deleting a module
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Once a module has been added to your page, you may wish to return to it and make some changes. This is straight forward to do and can also save time if you need to duplicate it or add similar modules.

Editing a module

Select a module on your page followed by the Edit option from the quick tools menu (indicated by the type of module that has been used) to open the module content ready to edit the content.

Module settings

The Settings palette will be enabled when a module has been selected on your page.

All modules contain the below settings:

  • Title

  • Tooltip

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Important

  • Position and size

  • Developer

Further options will be available, such as Border Colour, depending on the module type.

Find out more about settings on the Settings Palette page.

Deleting a module

If you no longer require a module, it can be deleted.

To delete, select a module on the page followed by the Delete Module option from the Modify Module palette.

The delete key on your keyboard can also be used to delete a module.

Please be sure when deleting a module, as once it has been removed the interactive content cannot be restored.

Modify a module

Further options are available if you wish to modify a module.

You can choose from a number of options in the Modify Module palette:

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