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Module reports: standard data
Module reports: standard data
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When the page heading is expanded, you will be able to see the name, views and KPI information for all of the interactive modules. Clicking the blue number in the Views column will show you the data for that module. This screen will vary depending on the type of module selected.

The reporting data available for each interactive module is dictated by the type of module selected. Reports will contain a number of fields that are common across all module types. These can be accessed in their entirety by downloading the report for offline viewing.

Standard data fields are:

  • Visit email

  • Published visit

  • Title

  • Interaction date/time

  • Visit ID

  • Device ID

  • IP Address

  • User Agent

  • Referral URL

  • Visit date/time

  • Visit end date/time

  • Robot visit

  • Page Number

  • Page title

  • Visit email

  • Published visit

For more information about what these mean, please see Data types collected.

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