Competition mark-up
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You can configure a few basic fields within your modules to make competitions and their results simpler to understand in reporting.

  • Answers
    Every answer to a question in your competition can be marked as correct, incorrect or neutral.

  • Results
    Results in your competition can be marked as neutral, passed or failed.

If your competition is collecting opinions or a question is neither correct nor incorrect, it is best to leave these set to neutral.

Adding these details to your competition adds graphic information to the reporting data so that it is clearer to see how the versions readers are performing at a glance.

Answers and results marked as incorrect/failed will display as red, and those that are correct/passed will display as green.

  • Answers
    Correct answers display as green
    Incorrect answers display as red.

  • Results
    Passed results display as green
    Failed results display as red.

For version that make use of the Experience API (Tin Can API, XAPI), these fields also add more detail to the data sent to your learning records store (LRS). For more information about using the Experience API, please see the Experience API section of this guide.

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