Set up a list
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To set up a list, navigate to Documents > Settings > Expected Visitors

From here a spreadsheet can be imported containing a list of 'expected visitor' email addresses.

  • Select the Add New button

  • Enter a name for your list and Save Changes

  • Select Export List to download a blank spreadsheet

  • Open the spreadsheet and enter the list of email addresses before saving the file

  • Select Choose File to find and upload the spreadsheet

  • Save Changes

The list will be populated and automatically applied across any documents in your account.

Bulk Add

It is also possible to add email recipients directly into your expected visitor list using the 'Bulk Add' field. Enter the email addresses required and select 'add' to include the new addresses to the existing list.

Make Changes

Once an expected visitor list is created, it is possible to make changes to individual email addresses using the 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons.

Specific email addresses and recipients can be found quickly by using the 'search' feature.

If larger scale changes need making, it is possible to import a new CSV file to override the current expected visitor list.

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