Certified learning - step one
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The first step to setting up certified learning is to design your certificate.

Create a new document

Create a new document by choosing TigerDesigner or Upload A File (if you have designed a certificate outside of PageTiger).

Top tip!

Create a new folder called 'Certificates' to help organise your certificate designs and make them easier to find.

Add placeholders

A placeholder is a field that is populated on the certificate once it is generated, for example - Full Name or Issue Date.

  • Add a Text or Story panel to your design and edit the content.

  • Select the Placeholder icon.

  • Two placeholder options are available:

Select Existing

Choose an existing placeholder, which uses system generated data. For example, 'PT Issue Date'.

Find out more about placeholders and how to use them here.

Add New

Create a new placeholder of your choice, which you or the reader will need to complete - for example, 'Department'.

Top tip!
Create a generic certificate that can be used for multiple assessments by adding a new placeholder for 'Course Title'. The course title can be input by you when creating the badge for the certificate.

Update design

When you are happy with your design and placeholders, exit and update. You are now ready to move onto Step two.

The document containing the assessment module must use a reader login or single sign-on security rule. This is to ensure the platform can populate the reader information and store their certificate.

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