The first step to setting up certified learning is to design the certificate.

New issue

Create a new issue by choosing a blank design. A PDF upload can also be used but must be imported into TigerDesigner. This can be done by selecting the Import Design button from the Manage screen for your issue.

Setting your design as a template

  • Exit the design and select Settings from the Manage page of your issue.
  • Select the Template tab, tick Template, and save.
  • Once this has been done, you can go back into your design and add any text or images.


A placeholder is a field that is populated on the certificate once it is generated, for example - Full Name or Department.

To add a placeholder, add a text panel, edit it and click the Placeholder icon.

There are two options available:

  • Select Existing

choose an existing placeholder, which will automatically populate - for example, PT Issue Date.

  • Add New

create a new placeholder, which you or the reader will complete - for example, Department.

Top tip!
Create a generic certificate that can be used for multiple tests by adding a new placeholder for 'Course Title'. The course title can be input by you when creating the badge for the certificate.


Once the placeholders have been added, the text panel can be formatted as required; choosing the font type, colour, size, and alignment.

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