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Configure the Experience API / XAPI / Tin Can API
Configure the Experience API / XAPI / Tin Can API
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Navigate to Documents > Settings > Analytics and select Add.

You should first give your new analytics setting a name in the Details tab.

Next, select the Experience API (Tin Can or XAPI) tab. To enable the use of the API, tick the Enabled checkbox. This will allow documents using this analytics setting to send XAPI statements to your Learning Record Store (LRS).

For this to be successful, you must provide three pieces of information. Contact your LRS administrator if you are unable to provide any of the below:

  • Endpoint URL
    The endpoint URL web address for your LRS service.

  • Username
    The username or key for your LRS service.

  • Password
    The password for your LRS service.


In order for API functionality to work the document must use a Reader Login or Single Sign-on security rule. The document needs to know the reader's identity in order to pass through information about them and their visit.

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