Monitoring badges/certificates
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Navigate to Documents > Settings > Badges, edit a badge and click on the Awarded By tab to see what pieces of interactivity can award this badge/certificate to a reader.

This screen shows you:

  • The name of the competition result awarding the badge/certificate

  • The name of the interactive module the result belongs to

  • The page number that the interactive module is placed on

  • The name of the document 

  • The folder in which the document is stored

  • The account number in which the document is stored

  • The email address for the Account Owner on the account

Selecting the Awarded To tab shows you the instances that the badge/certificate has been awarded to a reader.

This screen shows you:

  • The email address of the recipient

  • The date/time the badge/certificate was awarded

  • The expiry date/time of the badge/certificate

  • The location of the module that awarded the badge/certificate

  • The option to download the certificate

Readers are also able to track what badges/certificates they have been awarded. When logged in via reader login or employee login, they can click the account icon in the top right of their screen.

They can see which badges they have been awarded via the Badges tab.

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