A Style is set at document level and will apply the settings to every version in a document. Different styles or settings cannot be applied to individual versions.

When you create a new style there are several tabs which can be selected to set various settings. 

  • Details - Setting the name and status of the style

  • Document Size - Manage how your document will be sized

  • Document View - Manage how the pages of your document are presented

  • Toolbar - Configure the functionality and appearance of the toolbar

  • Pop-ups - Choose the settings for how interactivity pop-ups will appear

  • Background - Choose the settings for the background behind the document

  • Chart Settings - Configure the appearance of chart interactivity

  • Page Turn - Manage the settings for the page turn automation

  • Used By - Enables you to view which documents are using the style

Below is a breakdown of Background settings.

Here you can choose the settings for the background behind the document.

  • Background colour
    Set a solid background colour.

  • Image
    If you require an image over a colour for your background, you can upload it here. Images should be uploaded in jpeg, gif or png format.

  • Image alignment
    Select where you would like your image to appear on your document background. Note that the image cannot be stretched or scaled, so it will appear actual size at the position set.

  • Image repeat
    Set tile settings for the image. The image can be set to tile across, down, both or not at all.

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