A Style is set at document level and will apply the settings to every version in a document. Different styles or document settings cannot be applied to individual versions.

When you create a new style there are several tabs which can be selected to set various settings. 

  • Document Size
  • Document View
  • Toolbar
  • Background Settings
  • Page Turn Settings

Below is a breakdown of Page Turn Settings

Customise the page-turning animation.

  • Sound
    Select the sound your document makes when the page turns. Setting this option to None disables sound.
  • Speed
    Set how fast the pages of your document turn. This is set on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the slowest and 10 being the fastest.
  • Hard cover
    Select this option to give your document's cover a rigid cover effect.
  • Hard cover sound
    Select the sound the document's cover will make when the page is turned. This setting only applies if the hard cover setting (above) is selected.
  • Allow manual page turn
    Allow readers to click and drag the corners of the page with their mouse.
  • Mandatory Interactivity
    If you have ticked 'important' for a module, ticking this option will prevent the reader from turning the page before they have completed the module.
  • Remember previous interaction
    Ticking this option will remember which page the reader last visited in a document. Mandatory interactivity should also be ticked, even if no modules have been set to 'important'. (Important note: this feature can only be used where the identity of the visitor is known, so the document must be secured either using Employee No, Reader Login or Single Sign-On).
  • Auto turn
    Set the number of seconds before the first page of your document automatically turns. This setting only applies to the cover of your document.

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