Security Rules: Badge
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To create a new security rule, navigate to Documents > Settings > Security Rules and select Add.

This article will cover the security rule Badge:

You can award badges to your readers for completing specific interactive tasks, for example, a multiple-choice questionnaire module. 

These same badges can also be used to secure access to documents. This will prevent readers from accessing documents unless they have been awarded the badge in another document.

You can specify multiple badges in this list, however, readers who have earned any one of these badges will be granted access to your document.

Badges can only be awarded or used as security tokens in conjunction with the reader login or employee login security rules. This is because a reader must be identified in order for them to earn badges or for PageTiger to see what badges they have been awarded.

To add a badge, select an existing badge from the New Badge menu and select Add.

If you need to delete a badge from your security rule, select it from the Current badges field and click the Delete Selected button.

If you have not yet created any badges, navigate to Documents > Settings > Badges. 

More information is available here.

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