To create a new security rule, navigate to Documents > Settings > Security Rules and select Add.

This article will cover the security rule Basic Login:

The basic login allows you to capture email addresses and/or set a password that your readers must know in order to access the document.

To set up a basic login, you can configure the following settings:

Capture email address
Set whether the reader should be prompted to provide their email address. 

  • No: the reader does not have the option to enter an email address.

  • Optional: the reader can enter their email address if they wish.

  • Required: the reader cannot progress to the document unless they provide a valid email address. 

Email addresses that you capture will be fed directly into your analytics for the version.

Remember email address
PageTiger is able to remember a reader’s email address for future visits. 

  • Not Shown: the reader does not have the option to remember their email address.

  • Shown: the reader has the option to remember their email address.

  • Shown and ticked by default:  the reader has the option to remember their email address and it is ticked by default.

Specify a password that readers must enter in order to access the document. 

This password must be communicated to your audience and will be the same password for all readers.

Show cover
Tick this option to include a preview thumbnail of the version cover in the login popup.

Help text
Include help text to provide relevant instructions to the reader.

Example basic login:
The below example shows the email as optional, a required password, and the option to remember the email address.

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