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Security Rules: Employee Number Login
Security Rules: Employee Number Login
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To create a new security rule, navigate to Publications > Settings > Security Rules and select Add.

This article will cover the security rule Employee Number Login:

Employee number login acts as a fall-back for Reader Login where the intended audience does not have email addresses, but they do have other attributes such as an employee number. 

The rule works by creating an employee number format. When your document is visited your readers input their employee number and it must match the format to gain access. 

To set up employee number login: 

Employee number login required
Tick this checkbox to enable employee number login and configure the settings below.

Remember Employee Number

PageTiger is able to remember a reader’s employee number for future visits. 

  • Not Shown: the reader does not have the option to remember their employee number.

  • Shown: the reader has the option to remember their employee number.

  • Shown and ticked by default:  the reader has the option to remember their employee number and it is ticked by default.

Domain Name
Configured by the PageTiger support team. The domain name is used to create a dummy email address that is fed into the reporting for the issue.

Employee No. Format
Specify a format for the employee numbers that readers will use to login. 

For example ‘ABC[34]###’ would allow the reader to enter ABC3166, ABC4004, ABC3123 etc.

Show cover
Tick this option to include a preview thumbnail of the issue cover in the login popup.

Help text
Include help text to provide relevant instructions to the reader. Default text is provided but can be amended to add your own message.

Field Name
The field name allows you to specify what the field in the login screen should be called.

You may wish to capture other data that isn’t an employee number, such as a branch number or site name, in which case you could name the field Branch Site.

If you wish to use the employee number login security rule, please contact our support team. They will configure the domain name for the rule and would be happy to create the employee number format if needed.

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