Awarding a badge
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Badges are awarded to a reader when they obtain a specific result from completing a competition module (multiple choice question, self-assessment quiz, survey).

To award the badge, you will need to assign it to the appropriate assessment result. 

Edit your assessment module and select the Results tab. 

You can then select the badge from the Award Badge drop-down list.

In addition to awarding the badge, you can use dynamic tokens in the quiz result’s content to notify the reader of their achievement.

The following tokens are available:

    The placeholder will be replaced with the name of the badge

  • [BADGE_IMAGE_100/200/300/400/500]
    The placeholder will be replaced with the badges image in pixels. Five sizes of image are available; 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 pixels.

The below example uses the [BADGE_NAME] and [BADGE_IMAGE_300] tokens.

This is what the reader will see when they are awarded the badge:

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