The system will default to equal pages like a book, so an additional blank page will be added when you view your document if it has an odd number of pages or is just a single page document.

We recommended adding another page to your design so your document has equal pages. You can add an image/logo or some contact details if you would prefer not to have a blank page.

For single page documents the Style that is applied to the publication can be set up to single page view and without the page turn options. This would then only show one page in the publication.

To set this up you can create a style in Documents > Settings > Styles > Add:



And apply the below settings:

  • Single Page Stretch to Fit - set to 'Stretch to Width and Height'

  • Available Layouts - set to 'Single Pages'

  • Then in the toolbar tab: Paging Option - un-tick this box
  • Side Arrows - set to 'hidden'

Please note - if you have more than one version under a document this style will be applied to all of those versions. However if this is the case then the best thing to do is to move the document version into a new document on it's own - check out the article here about moving a version.

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