Receive instant notifications when a visitor interacts with your content. It's the perfect solution to allow you to respond quickly and decisively to reader interaction. 

To set up a notification:

  • Select Documents from the main menu followed by Settings

  • Select Notifications

  • Select the Add button

  • The following section can then be completed:

Enter a name for your notification

Output Format
Select the format that you would like your email notification to be displayed in:

will display in plain text

Use if you wish to integrate with a computer system

Use if you wish to integrate with a computer system

will display in rich text

Email Address
Enter the email address that you would like the email notification to be sent to.

Email Subject
Enter a subject for your email notification

When this box is ticked the notification is enabled. Un-ticking this box will prevent any further notifications being sent.

Select this option to hide the notification, preventing it from being used in a further version. Versions already using the notification will be unaffected.

  • Select the Save button to save your notification.

Next steps

You can now apply your notification for:

  • Version view

  • Page view

  • Module interaction

  • Poll answer

  • Assessment answer and/or result

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