This section looks at how to set interactivity to launch when a page loads.

To begin, open the Interactivity of your document (Manage > Interactivity).

  • Select the Pages palette.

  • Right-click on the page you wish to add the automation to, followed by Page Properties.

  • Click Edit for the Page Automation option.

  • Click Add Automation.

The example below shows that the interactivity called 'Welcome Message' will launch immediately when the page loads.

Let's break it down - we want the automation to...

  1. load the interactivity when the page loads.

  2. load with no delay.

  3. activate some interactivity.

  4. activate interactivity that has been added to page 1 of the document.
    (note: a more information pop-up box has been added to page 1 and positioned off-page).

  5. activate the interactivity called 'Welcome Message'.

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