Yes, this can be done!

All you need to do is add an iFrame to your document and paste in the DocuSign link.

Please note:
It is important that you are using a PowerForm created in DocuSign, as this creates a unique URL that you can make available for signers to complete.

For example, you may wish to create a Powerform for employee annual leave requests and post the link on the company intranet.

If a PowerForm is not used, you will be required to send via DocuSign.

For more information about PowerForms please refer to DocuSigns user guide:

We do not have any affiliation with DocuSign and are unable to provide support regarding how to use it.

  • To begin, select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity.

  • Select the Media module category from the Interactivity Module palette. 

  • Select IFrame in pop-up.

  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive.

  • Paste the DocuSign URL into the URL field.

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