This option is only available if you are using the Layout Library to create your document (Create Document > TigerDesigner > Layout Library).

The Layout Library Document Builder is the area used to manage the pages within your design.

What's new?

  • A new, easy to use document builder.

  • Hundreds of new page layouts.

  • Additional page layout filters.

  • The option to mix and match page spreads.


  • Save time by adding multiple pages in one click.

  • Create unique spreads by combining page layouts.

  • Find page spreads to suit you with ease.

  • More flexibility and control of your document.

How to use the Document Builder

1. Filters
Find page layouts to suit you with a range of easy to use filters.

2. Document Preview Window
Any pages added to your document will display here.

3. Add a page
Click and drag a page layout to add to your document, or double click to add it to the end of your document.

It is possible to mix and match single page spreads. Simply drag a single page into the Document Page Preview area, then drag another single page next to it to form a new double-page spread.

4. Split a double-page spread
If you wish to split a double-page spread, hover over the page and select the split page icon. 

Please note:
This is not possible for double-page spreads where the content spans the spread divide (middle line).

5. Duplicate a page
Click the copy icon to duplicate the page. A page can also be duplicated by holding down the Shift key and dragging a page.

6. Delete a page
Hover over a page and click the bin icon to delete the page.

Important note: any associated interactivity will also be deleted from the page.

7. Re-order a page
Click and drag a page to re-order it.

8. Rename a page
Hover over a page and click to edit the page title. This can be really useful for when you view your analytics. It is also possible to select the tab key to tab through and rename all pages.

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