Graphs and charts can provide some major benefits to your documents; allowing you to quickly provide information related to trends and comparisons in an easy to digest way. 

  • Display on-page or in a pop-up box
  • Quick to set up
  • Simple to personalise 
  • Summarise a large data set 
  • Easy to understand format 
  • See data patterns at a glance

There are 6 different chart types to choose from:

Line Charts

This chart type uses data point markers connected by straight lines to aid in visualisation

Area Charts

You can use this chart type to represent the change in one or more quantities over time

Bar Charts

Choose a bar chart for an easy way to present categorical data

Horizontal Bar Charts

You may use this alternative to a bar chart to easily visualise agree/disagree scales

Pie Charts

This chart type is divided into sectors, where each sector shows the relative size of each value

Doughnut chart

Similar to a pie chart; the doughnut chart is able to show more than one set of data

Tip: An on-page chart is ideal for simple trend charts, whereas a pop-up chart has more space for details such as axis legends and labels - why not add an on-page chart and have the option for your reader to view the pop-up version to see more detail?

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