When creating a PageTiger document it is important to be aware of the size of any files you will upload into the document. A large number of sizeable files can affect the useability of a document.

We recommend that the overall downloadable files are not over 500MB – for downloadable files, everything you upload has to be downloaded by the user.

For Interactivity we advise the following:

  • Image Gallery
    Max file size 30MB per image

  • Downloadable Resources
    Max file size per upload 200MB. This covers files that the reader can download from a document, for example, a Word document or an Excel document

  • Video resources
    Max file size 1GB. This is a very large file size so isn't recommended, however, the system will re-encode the file on upload to 720p which will decrease the file size

Within Fully Editable designs we recommend you don't exceed the following:

  • Images - 50MB

  • Font file - 50MB

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