When a poll is answered a result box will display to show the percentage for each answer selected.

However, if you would rather not display the results box, automation can be used.

  • Add your Poll module.

  • Click on a specific answer in the poll, followed by the automation icon (the little wand).

In this example, we are setting automation for when 'Love it!' is selected.

  • Select 'When this answer is clicked', followed by the action you would like to take.

For example, you may like to turn to another page or activate some further interactivity, such as a More Information pop-up box that displays a thank you message.


We would like the reader to see a thank you message when they select the answer 'Love it!' in a poll.

  • Add a poll module with the answers available to select.

  • Add a More Information module containing thank you message off page.

  • Select 'Love it' answer for the poll, followed by the automation icon.

  • Select 'When this answer is clicked' for Event.

  • Select 'Activate Interactivity' for Action.

  • Select the module that you wish to activate when the answer is clicked for Interactivity.

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